Impact of Music & Aroma on the Mind

7 Generations use scents that have been proven, based on fMRI research, to improve emotions and wellbeing.
From happiness to relaxation, from confidence to increased energy, emotional states induced by 7G scents have been tested and validated, obtaining scientific evidence of mood-enhancing effects.

Connection of smell & emotion

In addition to capturing our attention, and instantly triggering even our most distant memories, scents can evoke specific emotions, directly affecting our mood and state of mind.
The reason behind the powerful link between smell and emotions is that the olfactory system is deeply rooted in a part of our brain, the limbic system, where memories and emotions are stored. It is this connection to the limbic system that gives scents such strong emotional power.

Emotions to increase wellbeing

The past two years have brought so much uncertainty into our lives. Covid and lockdowns, not to mention the disorientation caused by the war, have left people in a state of fear and constant worry about the future.

To respond to these negative emotions, people develop a more intimate dimension of existence focused on: healthcare, stress reduction and improvement of overall wellbeing.
New daily rituals are being developed, aimed at calming the mind and rebalancing emotions. Self-care and self-love are high on the agenda.

To meet this need, many brands and companies are now evolving to provide wellbeing. 7 Generations is the first organization in the world to introduce aromas in combination with music as the ideal vehicle to provide the balanced psycho-emotional benefits that people are now increasingly looking for.

Hereby fMRI is a great tool for studying how the brain responds to odors and music because it can provide detailed information about brain activity in response to different odors or musical inputs. It can measure activity in different brain locations in response to different smells or sounds, helping researchers determine which parts of the brain are most active.
In addition, fMRI can measure chemical activity in the brain in response to various odorants, helping researchers better understand the biological mechanisms involved in the olfactory system.

7 Generations aromas & Conscious Music Code

The 7 Generations aromas are based on natural ingredients which evoke specific emotions.
Functional magnetic resonance methodology (fMRI) has been used to assess the human brain’s response to a range of odors and sounds.
From euphoria to relaxation, from confidence to serenity, emotional states have been tested and validated, obtaining scientific evidence of their mood-enhancing effectiveness.

Fundamentals of Conscious Music Code

Jonathan Burdette, MD, neuroradiologist says “There are probably some features in music that make you feel a certain way, but it’s YOUR experience with it that is even more important.”

1. The effect of music on us, does not just depend on the music itself but also on how and what we associate with it.
For example, even a happy song, could make us extremely sad if somehow the memory associated with it is sad. Musical associations can also be multisensory. Sometimes, a certain sound or music can trigger a specific sensation or a smell or even a taste. And you know, you can play a song in your mind without it being played from any external source. In short, we associate with music in a wide variety of ways.

2. Music is such a powerful stimulator of the brain that it can trigger your emotions, thoughts and memories even when it is not actually playing, and is just being imagined in the mind.

3. Music doesn’t just affect your mood, but programs your beliefs, thoughts & emotions
Your daily musical diet can program you with beliefs, thought patterns and emotional tendencies, without you even realizing it. When this power is used consciously and practiced regularly, you can form the habit of having positive inner experiences, anytime any-where.

It is also a musical application of Mental Space Psychology.

“Music is a powerful way of telling ourselves stories that could turn into the internal code of our emotions, thoughts & beliefs.We ensure that those stories are beautiful and empowering.”- Jeena Earthiva, Founder, Conscious Music Code

CMC is based on the idea that the effect of music on us, does not just depend on the music, but also on how and what we associate with it. Music can be powerful enough to change your emotional state, but that change is temporary. You may feel good for a while but then life hits you again and you’re back to square one. Music cannot do the inner work for you.

Conscious Music Code is designed to be an empowering musical tool that allows YOU to become the protagonist of your inner shift in a 3-stage process.

1. Explore –

Here we get musically immersed to go beyond your conscious awareness, explore deeper layers. The guided music-based process allows you navigate your inner landscape, to create a clear vision of what you truly want and identify the inner limitations getting in the way.

2. Transform –

At this stage, you learn to use musical triggers, to retrain your mind and body with empowering beliefs, thoughts and emotions. You allow the music to guide you on your journey to make a radical inner shift. You take the brave steps to challenge your self-imposed limitations using mind & body.

3. Integrate –

A Forbes article ‘Neuroscience behind habit change’ states ‘The brain hardwires everything that we repeatedly do – this is how habits are formed. So the stories we tell ourselves over and over become default paths, the circuitry of the brain naturally activates.’

As you integrate the musical journeys in your daily life, you create a strong daily practice to

  • Replace your default reactions with conscious responses
  • Remain in charge of your inner world, no matter what is happening in the outer world
  • Reveal your full potential
  • Experience happiness daily

The effect of the musical process amplifies with the use of our signature aromas.

More focus and concentration

Focus for example is crucial to mental wellbeing, it consists of energy and calmness. In the state of being focused, you can focus your energy on accomplishing your task.
It is now possible for the first time to have scientifically substantiated people concentrate better through the influence of smell and music.
These right scents and sounds can bring related benefits such as mental efficiency and clarity of mind, allowing the power of positive scents to be brought to everyone