Just Relax


A powerful combination of aroma & immersive musical journeys with daily rituals and journals for a relaxed and recharged state of mind.

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A deep relaxation experience with aroma & musical journeys. Step into a unique and immersive musical journey to relax and reconnect with yourself. Experience a release of what you do not need in your mind and enjoy the peace and calmness that follows.

What’s in the kit?

  • Aroma bottle – Specially created scent for deep relaxation.
  • Guided Musical Journey – Take a mind walk through nature to relax and feel recharged.
  • Soundtrack – A musical reminder to stay calm throughout the day
  • Journal – Authentic self-expression with conscious musicDaily Rituals – Simple, quick and easy practices with the soundtrack to release your stress and relax.


Deep relaxation, just chill & let go, better sleep