Aromatic musical mind hacks with daily rituals and journals to organise your mind, be focussed and highly productive.

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Step into an immersive musical and aromatic experience to enter a highly focussed state of mind and do more in less time. Organise your thoughts, create positive daily habits and increase your productivity.

What’s in the kit?

  • Aroma bottle – Specially created scent for deep focus & productivity
  • Guided Musical Journey – Enter a state of deep focus by removing distractions and organising your mind.
  • Soundtrack – A musical trigger for a highly focussed and productive state of mind.
  • Journal – Authentic self-expression with conscious music to organise your mind, stay focussed and keep improving.
  • Daily Rituals – Simple, quick and easy practices with the soundtrack to create positive daily habits, enjoy your work and stay productive.


Deep focus, productivity, build daily habits & discipline, enjoy routine, have fun working