‘Multi-Sensory Wellbeing’ Gift Box


A powerful combination of aroma & musical journeys to create positive states of mind, immediately.

Tune into your senses for a beautiful embodied experience.

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Directions of use:

  • Scan the QR Code inside to access the musical kit.
  • Spray the aroma & experience the musical journeys.
  • Journal your emotions & thoughts as you listen to the soundtracks.
  • Practice the daily rituals to create and sustain your positive states of mind.
  • Access the musical kit any time, anywhere with your own login ID & password on www.consciousmusiccode.com

How does it work?

We combine two powerful stimulators of the brain, music and smells, and consciously guide your awareness towards positive emotional & mental states. You experience immediate results.

As you journal through the process and practice daily rituals (with the music & aroma), you develop positive daily habits in terms of emotions and thoughts. Enjoy personal growth and sustain your wellbeing, simultaneously.